Renewing Our Vows at Laurita Winery

They say if you’re lucky you only get married once…well…I decided to do it again. On Saturday, February 11th, I registered my husband and I for a vow renewal ceremony at Laurita Winery in New Egypt.

I should start the post by letting you know that we’ve only been married for 3 years. Four years ago when we were looking at wedding venues, Laurita Winery was high on our list. As appreciators of New Jersey wine, I loved the idea of getting married at a vineyard, however the venue was just not in our budget. To some, including my husband, it seemed super silly to get our vows renewed so soon. But when I saw the opportunity to do it at Laurita Winery for free I couldn’t pass it up.

With our wedding song playing in the car (Foreigner’s “I Don’t Want to Live Without You”) we knew it was a good sign for the day! We arrived at noon and had some time to kill before the ceremony. Since it was Valentine’s Day weekend, the vineyard was hosting their “Wine and Chocolate Weekend”, so we sampled chocolate, tasted wine, and mingled with other guests. We also decided to share a bottle of their R2 wine, a sparkling white wine reminiscent of champagne.

The ceremony was performed by Dave Turner, a great non-denominational wedding officiant. Together with 40+ couples , we stood together at our tables, held hands, and renewed our vows together. It was very beautiful. I loved the age range of couples, and seeing families who were celebrated together. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get emotional.

Now we have a certificate as proof of our vow renewal and a day we’ll never forget. We also won a prize for the couple being married the shortest…which I thought was cute.

Thank you to Laurita Winery and Dave Turner for a day we’ll never forget!

For more information on Laurita Winery, click HERE

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