My March in New Jersey

Another month has flown by in New Jersey! Here is a list of everything I did this month, and hopefully you’ll be inspired to go explore NJ yourself!

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March 1st – I started off the month by doing what else…visiting a New Jersey Diner! This time I checked out the Four Seasons Diner in Toms River. To read my review, click HERE.

March 3rd – A fun night in! Homemade pizza and River Horse Brewing Co‘s beer!

March 4th – I took an awesome afternoon trip to Westfield, New Jersey. To read more about that, click HERE

I also visited Vicki’s Diner in downtown Westfield. To read more about that, click HERE

March 5th – I went back to Westfield to help judge a pizza contest! We got to vote on 9 different pizza places in the Westfield to determine you had the best. It was one of the best afternoons I’ve ever had…

March 7th – I celebrated Taco Tuesday at Escondido’s in Freehold, NJ!

March 8th – AWESOME beer pairing dinner at the White Star Bar in Jersey City.  We had a 5 course meal paired with Devil’s Backbone Brewing Co, and I got to sit across from the brew master all night and talk his ear off. Fun night!

March 10th – We headed to North Bergen to go to the opening of a new restaurant, Olivella. To read more about that, click HERE

March 11th – A new South Jersey diner to add to the list. Click HERE to read about my trip to the Phily Diner in Runnemede.

March 12th – Fun morning and afternoon in Weehawken! I had a nice time walking along the Waterfront, including a stop at their 9/11 monument.

We also had a great brunch at Molo’s. To read more about that, click HERE

March 13th – Mmm Pizza. I had a great meal at Villa Abruzzi in Matawan, prior to Pi Day (since it was scheduled to snow).

March 14th – SNOW DAY!! Look how cute Frankie is in his Winter jacket…

March 15th – I celebrated a belated Pi Day at Cristo’s Pizza in North Brunswick, NJ.

March 16th – I celebrated by 3 year anniversary with NJIB!!

March 17th – Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I got a rainbow cupcake and Irish soda bread at Shanahan’s in Milltown, NJ.

…and of course had to have Green beer.

March 18th – I had an amazing afternoon on the farm in Hopewell, NJ…drinking liquor and beer! First stop was at Sourland Mountain Spirits. Read more about that HERE.

I also got to check out Troon Brewing

AND try Troon Brewing’s beer at the Brick Farm Tavern (along with a great cheese plate).

I also checked out the Franklin Park Diner, a new diner in Franklin Park, NJ.

March 19th – I had a great breakfast at the Bridgewater Diner before starting my adventure for the day.

Then I had fun times in Flemington, New Jersey! I had a great time at the Flemington Punk Rock Flea Market, meeting lots of cool vendors and artists. To read more about the FPRFM, click HERE

After we went to the flea market, we went to Lone Eagle Brewing in Flemington and tried their amazing craft beer. To read more about that trip, click HERE

March 21st – TACO TUESDAY at The Taco Truck! We went to their Princeton location and tried soooo many tacos. To read more about my visit, click HERE

March 23rd – Happy Birthday to my mom!!

We spent the day together, including a delicious Greek lunch at Faros in Monroe, NJ. Mmmm Greek fries.

March 25th – I took a fun trip to NYC, taking NJ Transit to get there (of course)

March 28th – TACO TUESDAY at Rosalita’s in Marlboro. You had me at “All You Can Eat Tacos”

March 29th – Had an AMAZING time seeing Graeme of Thrones at the MAYO in Morristown, NJ.

Plus a trip to the Broadway Diner in Summit! Review coming soon!

Now that that the weather is warming up I am ready to explore Spring in New Jersey! I hope you do the same!

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