What are NJIB’s Favorite New Jersey Food Trucks? I’m Glad You Asked!

From now until October, New Jersey Food Truck festivals are going to be in full swing! As someone who started a database of New Jersey Food Trucks three years ago, right when the “NJ Food Truck Boom” was happening…I don’t want to brag, but I’m kind of a NJ Food Truck expert.

There are many fabulous New Jersey Food Trucks in the Garden State, but here are my top fifteen for 2017.

New Jersey Isn’t Boring’s Top Fifteen New Jersey Food Trucks for 2017 (in no order):

Callahan’s – Do you love hot dogs? Well at Callahan’s you can get them BIG. Callahan’s is a third generation business, and the food truck provides a way to get their famous hot dogs to all of the top food truck festivals where they win numerous awards.

In addition to stopping by their food truck, I highly recommend visit their restaurant in Norwood as well (see full review Here). There’s a reason why they’ve been featured on Buzzfeed Foods and Insider!

Oink and Moo BBQ – Looking for the best BBQ in the state? Be sure to check out Oink and Moo BBQ! They make amazing brisket, pulled pork, baby back ribs, and more!

Not only can you see them at every big NJ foodie event, but they’ve becoming nationally famous as well winning 1st place in the Daily Meal’s 101 Best Food Trucks in America for 2016. If you’re not into waiting in line for their delicious food, be sure to visit their two NJ brick and mortar locations in Florham Park and Voorhees.

The Guac Spot – If you’re an avocado junkie like I am, you’ll love The Guac Spot, one of the newest NJ food trucks on the scene. I’ve been a big fan of theirs since I tried their avocado ice cream a year and a half ago.

Whether you like you avocado sweet or savory, the Guac Spot has a lot of different food truck festival offerings including tacos, avocado toast, Guac Dog, Avocado Cannoli (my favorite), and much more. Of course you can always stick with a classic – their homemade guacamole and chips!

Cupcake Carnivale – There is a good chance you’ve seen this Award-Winning Mobile Cupcake Truck, which specialized in creative and delicious gourmet cupcakes.

There is nothing basic about these cupcakes! You can get anything from a Red Velvet cupcake to cupcakes with beer infused frosting, fruit pebbles, and much, much more. Pastry Chef Jeffrey Jimenez is ALWAYS coming up with new and crazy cupcakes, be sure to check them out often.

Bacon Me Crazy – Do you love BACON? Well, you must check out the Bacon Me Crazy Truck which specializes in…bacon.

Their food truck formula is simple; take your favorite beer drinking comfort food and incorporate bacon. Mac and cheese? Yes! Mashed potatoes? Yes! Bacon wrapped hot dog? You got it! For more on Bacon Me Crazy, check out my profile on them.

WTF Food Truck Where’s the Food? That’s what the WTF stands for in this awesome comfort food truck. Shrimp Po Boys, Burgers, Cheesesteaks and more…this food truck makes their food fresh and fast!

In addition to awesome food, be sure to talk to WTF Food Truck owner Tim Mcrae who is one of the nicest men I’ve ever met.

1 Potato Two – Let me introduce you (if you haven’t already met) to 1 Potato Two…home of the SPUDWICH.

Rather than use bread, these sandwiches are made with POTATOES! Hot dogs, cheesesteaks, filet mignon,  chicken parm, fish and chips (and more) served between a potato! They also serve their food in mashed potato bowls, and on a stick. Soooooo good.

Empanada Guy – Empanada Guy has a special place in my heart because it’s the first NJ food truck I ever went to…and boy did it spoil me. Their empanadas are AMAZING which is why this Empanada Guy empire has expanded to multiple food trucks (one is by my house!), a restaurant, and catering.

They have lots of empanadas to choose from like classic beef or chicken, but they also have pulled pork and lobster as well! Their sides are equally amazing, be sure to try a yuca fritter.

Johnny’s Pork Roll and Coffee Truck – Does is get any more Jersey than pork roll? Hence why Johnny’s Pork Roll and Coffee Truck makes my list!

In addition to your classic Pork Roll, Egg and Cheese sandwich, you can find more creative pork roll sammies like the PBLT (Pork Roll, Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato), Pulled Pork Roll, the Cubano, and the Pork Roll Truck Reuben. And the coffee is awesome too!

Waffle De Lys – Sweet and savory waffles…do I really need to say more?

Cheezen Do you like grilled cheese? Good! You’ll love Cheezen! They take your favorite classic grilled cheese and spin in!  The food truck sells grilled cheese that range from your classic grilled cheese sandwich to your more gourmet like Bourbon Bacon Jam.

All sandwiches are made to order. Be sure to check them out at their restaurant too! Read more about them on my profile HERE

Freezy Freeze – Liquid nitrogen ice cream on wheels!

Not only is their ice cream incredible, but it’s so cool (pun intended) watching it get made right in front of your eyes.

Nomad Pizza – A wood fired brick oven pizza food truck…what will they think of next? 

Fresh, local, organic pizza? What more could you ask for?

My Four Suns – Delicious, Korean Fusion food! Nom nom nom. When I judged the Sea Isle Food Truck Festival, they won best entree…and for a reason.

Their food is awesome: Korean Tacos, Rice Bowls, Kimchi Fries and more!

Luigi’s Ice Cream – Last but not least, Luigi’s Ice Cream whose homemade ice cream is worth waiting in line for.

Get awesome flavors like Triple Chocolate, Red Velvet, Thai Ice Tea, Salted Caramel, and S’mores served on it’s own, on a sticky bun, or on a donut! Worth the calories too…I assure you.

What are your favorite New Jersey food trucks? Do you have a New Jersey food truck that you’d like featured? Email me at cyd@newjerseyisntboring.com

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