Ice Cream Quest Spotlight: Marc’s Cheesecake in Glen Rock

What does cheesecake have to do with ice cream? If you’re lucky, everything. Stopping by Marc’s Cheesecake in downtown Glen Rock was a one stop shop for all things delicious.

Marc Silverberg is a NJ native who didn’t set out to be a baker. He went to school for education and wound up working with refugees in Israel. Although he liked to cook, he didn’t know the first thing about making a cheesecake so when he tried to make one for the first time with friends, his first attempt was “disgusting”. It was then he decided that he wanted to learn from his mistakes and perfected the art by teaching himself. Soon he started creating and selling recipes on the weekend. His cheesecakes became to popular that he eventually opening a café in Jerusalem.

When he returned to New Jersey in 1994, he opened Marc’s Cheesecake in Clifton, New Jersey. He stayed there for 18 years before moving to Glen Rock (251 Rock Rd), their current location.

Marc’s Cheesecakes is a bakery that offers everything from brownies, cookies, dessert bars, and chipeos which is an Oreo baked IN a chocolate chip cookie.

The cheesecakes are so popular that I witnessed a customer come in to order three cheesecakes after driving over 30 minutes to get there, just because she heard they had the best cheesecake in New Jersey. If that’s not a good sign, I don’t know what is!

In addition to his original cheesecake (the most popular), he also makes a marble cheesecake (equally as popular), peanut butter, brownie chunk, key lime, pumpkin, and lots of other seasonal flavors as well.

Not only does Marc make (amazing) cheesecakes, but 4 years ago he started making his own ice cream as well! His unique flavors consist of honey rosemarie, molasses chocolate chip, burnt brown sugar, coffee cookie crunch, and their most popular flavor, their cookies and cream.

He had 14 flavors out at a time, year round, which change seasonally as well. They also do a non dairy option, a mint chocolate sorbet which tastes amazing.

Marc’s Cheesecake newest addition is their edible cookie dough! They make 10 different flavors of cookie dough, each one with their own recipe.

Among the flavors of cookie dough that they offer are chocolate chip, cinnamon bunz, lemon shortbread, brownie batter, birthday cake, and Oreo cookie (pictured below with Marc).

Looking for Instagram shots worthy of making your friends jealous? Check out their Unicorn Cookie Dough!

The cookie dough is so popular that they use it to make awesome cupcakes, whoopie pies, and sundaes.

For additional information on Marc’s Cheesecake visit their Website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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