New Jersey Distilleries, Cider & Mead

Did you know? New Jersey is home to distilleries, cider, and mead! Not every place is open to the public, but it’s still great to support one of these local businesses if you see their products in a liquor store. If you do have a chance to visit one of their facilities…go!!

New Jersey Distilleries, Cider and Mead

Open for Tastings and Tours:

All Points West Distillery
A craft distillery in Newark’s Ironbound created by Gil Spaier. They make small batch hand crafted spirits like vodka and gin. Find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
Address 424 Mulberry Street, Newark, NJ (Tasting room entrance is at 73 Tichenor Street); (646) 251-3176

Asbury Park Distilling Co
Handcrafted on Lake Ave, where the spirit never dies. Asbury Park Distilling is the first distillery in Monmouth County since prohibition, and the first in the state to be located in a commercial downtown area. Tours and tastings are Thursday – Sunday. Find them on Facebook and Instagram
Address: 527 Lake Ave, Asbury Park, NJ

Claremont Distillery
Claremont Distilled Spirits, Inc, located in Fairfield, New Jersey was founded in May 2014 under the premise that world class spirits could be produced in the state using the finest locally sourced ingredients of the “Garden State.” From the potatoes used in the production of their Vodka to the corn in their Moonshine, they are Jersey made. Additionally, many of their infused product offerings take advantage of New Jersey being among the nation’s largest producers of a variety of fruits including Blueberries and Cranberries. As the largest craft distillery in New Jersey, Claremont Distilled Spirits has 4,000 gallons of fermentation capacity and more than 650 gallons of distillation capacity.  Claremont is proudly owned by, and its products proudly produced by, and sold by native, lifelong New Jerseyans. Like on Facebook!
Address: 25 Commerce Road, Unit K, Fairfield, New Jersey; (973) 227-7027

Cape May Distillery
Cape May Distillery is an artisanal distillery located in Green Creek in Cape May County and is the first in Cape May, NJ. Cape May Distillery has designed products based on what people love to drink. Their hands on process of developing a portfolio of products with the customer in mind is their goal. Their production process uses domestically grown raw ingredients sourced primarily in the state of New Jersey. Their distillery will first introduce Rum, both light and dark. Later offerings will include Small Batch Whiskeys, Small Batch Bourbons, Specialized Brandy and Gin.
Address: 371 NJ-47, Cape May Court House, NJ; (609) 305-4853

Cooper River Distillers
Cooper River Distillers is the first legal distillery in Camden, NJ since at least Prohibition. They began producing their first product – Petty’s Island Rum – in April of 2014, and plan to continue crafting more one-of-a-kind spirits including bourbon and rye whiskeys in the future. All spirits are hand-made from scratch in downtown Camden, New Jersey. Find them on Facebook and Twitter
Address: 34 N. 4th St. Camden, NJ; 856-295-1273

Corgi Spirits
(Via their Website) While our hearts pump with a passion for Great Britain, our blood flows with a fervor that only New Jersey can muster. Every day, our hometown is making a mark, and the world is tipping its cap in admiration. We meticulously craft small-batch, ultra-premium spirits that are suited for drinking on their own or in making cocktails that are refined, yet playful, much like the dogs after which our brand is named. We’re very excited to offer a range of gins and vodka for our launch. Our special botanical blends, which are artfully infused into our distillate, create a uniquely floral and citrusy flavour profile. All of our products are handcrafted. A portion of profits from every bottle of Corgi is donated to a local dog adoption agency in the Jersey City area, because we love dogs as much as we appreciate exceptional spirits. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.
Address: 1 Distillery Drive, Jersey City, NJ; 862-219-3114

East Coast Distilling/Jersey Shine
East Coast Distilling is a up and coming micro distillery located in Millville, New Jersey. Their line up includes “Jersey Shine” (Moonshine). Find them on Facebook and Twitter
Address: 20 Peterson Ave, Millville, New Jersey; (856) 300-5633

Island Beach Distillery
Ocean County’s 1st Distillery since prohibition! Island Beach Distillery makes different kinds of rum for you to enjoy. Find them on Facebook
Address: 713 Old Shore Road, Forked River, New Jersey; (609) 242-5054

Jersey Artisan Distilling
About: In the autumn of 2010, Brant Braue was asked by his brother, “If you could wake up tomorrow and do anything, what would it be?” After a few days of thought, the answer came to him: I would open and run a distillery.  A few months later, at the local craft brewery, Brant happened into conversation with Krista Haley, a local attorney who was in the market for a new challenge in her life.  Over the next few months, they discussed the idea at length and over cocktails by the pool, realized that this dream could be a reality.  And so Jersey Artisan Distilling was born. After many months of hard work, Jersey Artisan Distilling is now the first distillery to open in New Jersey since Prohibition ended.  They are going to focus on making our spirits in the classic style, using modernized versions of the techniques that have made spirits great since colonial times.  Their primary focus will be on making rum, bringing back the flavors and tastes that made rum the most popular spirit in colonial times and beyond. Find them on Facebook Twitter Instagram Read my about my Visit there!
Address: 32B Pier Lane West, Fairfield, NJ; 862-702-8935

Jersey Spirits Distilling Co
Every batch they produce is handcrafted and is a small batch where they pride themselves on quality and consistency. Jersey Spirits Distilling Co. is a place you can come and learn all about small batch craft distilling and taste their product neat or in a favorite cocktail. Owners John and Betty are lifelong Jersey residents and Sue has lived in New Jersey all her adult life. Their spirits are named after New Jersey places and experiences the co-founders have had in NJ . They feel a deep respect for New Jersey and its’ storied landmarks and they wish to preserve and honor them by integrating them within their products.
Address: 1275 Bloomfield Ave. Building 7 Unit 40B, Fairfield, NJ; 973-441-0947

Lazy Eye Distillery
Lazy Eye Distillery is proud to bring you the first distilled products from Atlantic County since the time of Prohibition. They make hand-crafted, gluten free spirits. Find on Facebook Tours: Monday – Saturday: 12pm to 8pm, Sunday: 12pm to 5pm; Tours are $10 and include 3 tastings. Contact Here
Addresses:  1328 Harding Highway, Richland, NJ and 135 E Spicer Ave, Wildwood, NJ

Little Water Distillery
Located in Atlantic City, Little Water Distillery is a craft distillery owned and operated by brothers Mark and Eric Ganter. Find them on Facebook
Address: 807 Baltic Ave b, Atlantic City, NJ; (240) 426-7843

Melovino Meadery
They are a FAMILY run meadery whose childhoods revolved around a culture where home wine making is a part of life. Meadmaker Sergio Moutela, remembers helping his grandfather make wine from a very early age, from helping with bottling, corking, and yes, even stomping grapes. Wine making was forever implanted into his life and who he has become today. Handcrafted from all natural ingredients including True Source Certified honey and reverse osmosis water, they have a style of mead for everyone with our range of uniquely crafted recipes. This includes some signature meads unlike any others out there. Find them on Facebook Twitter Instagram
Address: 2933 Vauxhall Road, Vauxhall, NJ; (855) 635-6846

Nauti Spirits
At Nauti Spirits Distillery, they produce handcrafted farm spirits: Vodka, Gin, & Rum. Using ingredients grown mainly on their 60-acre preserved coastal farm, and other South Jersey farmland that they control, and premium southern molasses, they mash, ferment, distill, and bottle their products at our farm distillery in Cape May, New Jersey. Find them on Facebook and Instagram
Address: 916 Shunpike Road, Cape May, NJ; (609) 770-3381

NJ Beach Badge Vodka
They make our Beach Badge Vodka slowly with purpose in New Jersey for the people who love New Jersey. Theircraft distillery equipment looks more like a metal art gallery than a made for TV moonshine still. Additionally, they are proud to say they are red white and blue collar guys.They welcome you to tour the copper kettle spirits distillery and learn about the art of distilling and promote the American way. Like them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Address: 54 W Main St. Freehold, NJ

Pine Tavern Distillery
Pine Tavern Distillery LLC is Salem County New Jersey’s first ever legally operating distillery. They are a family owned and operated farm in Monroeville NJ. Find on Facebook
Address: 149a Pine tavern Rd. Monroeville,NJ

Skunktown Distillery
A distillery that focuses on locally grown, non-GMO ingredients to ensure a clean, eco-conscious product so you can enjoy your drink, and know you are helping keep the world cleaner for future generations. Find them on Facebook
Address: 12 Minneakoning Rd #110b, Flemington, NJ

Sourland Mountain Spirits
In December of 2014, Sourland Mountain Spirits founder Ray Disch, one of the of the original founders of Triumph Brewing Company, decided he was ready for a new challenge. Just the year before, craft distilling became legal in New Jersey so creating a local distillery in his hometown of Hopewell seemed like an exciting endeavor. Working with a team of accomplished, visionary partners who listened to his dream and helped him bring it to life, Ray was able to grow Sourland Mountain Spirits from a mere idea to a real business which is now the First Farm Distillery in New Jersey Since Prohibition in Mercer County. The distillery sits on Double Brook Farm in Hopewell, NJ. Find them on Facebook and Instagram. Guided tours of up to 10 people can be scheduled for Saturdays and Sundays on their website
Address: 130 Hopewell-Rocky Hill Road, Hopewell, NJ; 609-333-8575

Train Wreck Distillery
Burlington’s first craft distillery. Find on Facebook
Address: 25 Madison Ave, Mt Holly, NJ

Tadmore Distilling (Coming Soon!)
Craft distillery located in the heart of historic Salem City in southern New Jersey. Find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Address: 90 W Broadway, Salem, New Jersey

Tree City Spirits
Heathermeade Distilling located in Kenilworth, NJ are the makers of Tree City Artisan Vodka. You can find them on Facebook and Twitter. Schedule a tour via their website!
Address: 835 Fairfield Ave, Kenilworth, NJ

In Production but Not Open to the Public:

Black Prince Distillery
The Black Prince Distillery is a privately owned company. They have a long and distinguished history in the liquor industry, both in the United States and abroad, operating as a contract bottler and supplier of a complete line of distilled spirits products. Black Prince Distillery services multiple United States wholesale liquor distributors and was the first company to produce a full line of low proof cordials known as Llords. Currently their many products are sold in over 25 different states, the Caribbean, Guam and Micronesia.

Jersey Cider Works
Instead of ordering apple concentrate from weird foreign industrial auction sites, they’ve spent a lot of time finding small-scale orchards because it makes for far more flavorful cider, and allows them to spend their money on useful things like strengthening our regional economy and keeping American farmland from being taken over by McMansions. And, instead of being on the other side of the planet, their suppliers are just a short drive away. With the launch of Ironbound, not only are they supporting local farmers, creating well-paying jobs, and making damn good cider, they’re taking it back to Newark, where the most celebrated cider was in the country! Yes, Newark! Not Boston. Like them on Facebook

Laird & Company
Laird & Company is the oldest distiller in the United States, dating back to 1780. The company has been owned and operated by the Laird Family since inception and is known best as the producer and marketer of Laird’s Applejack, the country’s first native distilled spirit. Today, the company continues its long tradition as a distiller and bottler, producing and marketing brands such as: Five O’Clock, Five Star, Banker’s Club, Canadian Gold, Zapata Tequila, Peachka, as well as importing and marketing premium brands including: Casoni, Lazzaroni, Moletto, Pietrafitta, and Indomita. Find on Facebook

Sandy Hook Iced Tea
Sandy Hook Iced Tea is a light, refreshing beverage formulated to capture the beauty and essence of New Jersey. Its label features Jersey’s gorgeous, colorful shoreline and the drink’s perfect blend of green tea, malted barley, and all natural fruit juices is reminicent of all those great times at the Jersey Shore! It is produced in a can, for easy transportation to the beach, a camping trip, or to your neighborhood party. Sandy Hook Iced Tea is 5% alcohol by volume, unfiltered, and does not contain any preservatives.

Twisted Limb Hard Cider 
Born out of a college friendship between rugby teammates Martin Willard and Frank Voris, Twisted Limb Hard Cider is a product of their vision, hard work, and inspiration. Although unlikely that a hard cider company would be born from two rugby players, Twisted Limb has found the right way to leverage their brawn and hustle to brew nectar that’s both modest and refreshing.  Their decision to make cider stemmed from recently signed New Jersey legislation that made it easy for small, farmer owned, wineries to blossom. ext, they started work on their orchard.  While European cider apples have been harvested for hundreds of years, Prohibition put an end to virtually all of America’s cider apple trees.  Throughout their research of flavorful cider apples, they came upon the Harrison variety.  One of the most famous cider apples of the 18th century, it was cultivated extensively in New Jersey before and after the Revolution.  Grown all over Essex County, the apple takes its name from Harrison, NJ.  In keeping with their focus on the community, Twisted Limb also sources apples from local farmers in Sussex County.Find them on Facebook Instagram

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