Vinyl Brewing is Coming Soon to Hammonton!

Get exited Downtown Hammonton, because you have a new brewery coming soon! Vinyl Brewing Co is setting up shop on 12th avenue for all local beer enthusiasts to enjoy.

I’ve been following the progress of the new brewery since they set up their social media pages, and since I found myself in Hammonton I asked if I could stop by and say hi.

I had the opportunity to meet and chat with co-owner and head brewer Jim Sacco who has been homebrewing since 2004. Back in the early 2000’s when New Jersey’s brewery scene was non-existent, Jim would make the trip to Victory Brewing Co in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. It was there that he fell in love with the idea of brewing his own beer.

Jim most recently worked at Three 3’s Brewing Co as head brewer before deciding it was time to start his a brewery with his own vision. He teamed up with his Aunt and Uncle, Susan and Tom Puentes, who have great business and labor skills, respectively.

Hammonton was the logical location for their brewery. Jim says, “This has been our hometown for generations, and independently, we have dreamed of opening our own place here for years. There’s that saying ‘home is where the heart is’- we wanted to put our hearts into our home.”

When you get your zoning board approval ✔️

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Their tasting room is one of the more unique breweries in the state due to it’s glass garage doors which give you a great view of the downtown area. In the warmer months, the doors will be open and they are hoping to have some outdoor seating as well.

Jim’s cousin, Liz Puentes is the designer of the tasting room, giving it a hip aesthetic. If you are sitting in their tasting room you can expect to hear a wide array of music being played-and yes, they will play vinyl records on occasion .

Beers you can expect to find at Vinyl Brewing Co are wide range of styles including a fair share of rotating IPA’s , Sour Ales, and Saisons. Jim Sacco says, “We believe in flavor over style, so you can bet on something interesting being on tap at any time. I’ve always just been a big punk rock kid at heart and it’s my goal to take some of that punk rock attitude and put it into the beers we create.”

Although due to NJ brewery laws Vinyl Brewing Co cannot sell their own food, but since they’re in a hip downtown area you’ll find plenty of stuff to bring in and enjoy. In fact they are located directly across the street from Bruni’s Pizzeria, an award winning pizza place that has been in business since 1956!

Vinyl Brewing Co’s main goal when you come to visit is to provide hospitality to their guests. Jim says, “When someone decides to come to Vinyl, they feel at home too. We pride ourselves on having employees that are knowledgeable and engaged with the customer. We want people to have a great time with us and if they dig our beer that’s a sweet bonus.”

For more information and to follow up on Vinyl Brewing Co’s Progress check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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