Tops Diner in Harrison, NJ: Review

Although I had been planning to make this my 200th Review, Tops Diner in Harrison, NJ is my 191st diner review.

tops diner

Located in Passaic Ave on the border of East Newark and Harrison, the Tops Diner is one of New Jersey’s more famous diner. So famous that on a Saturday afternoon we have a 45 minute wait for lunch! The place was packed!

tops diner

Established in 1942, the diner has made some very interesting lists including Cheapism’s 60 Iconic U.S. Restaurants to Try Before You Die and Time Out’s The 20 best diners in America. Of course I had to see how great it was for myself.

Walking into the diner it had the feeling of any other diner in New Jersey. It had your classic diner chrome look, a full diner counter, and lots of homemade desserts on top of and behind the counter.

tops diner

Their menu is what really makes the Tops Diner stand out. They have a lot of items on their menu that you may not find at another Jersey Diner including vegan burger sliders, Rhode Island Fried Calamari, Kale & Quinoa Salad, Lobster Mac N’ Cheese, BBQ ribs, and Famous Jameis Meatloaf to name a few. Oh yeah…and they have a crazy amount of cocktails.

I started my meal with coffee, since it was bottomless, and it came with this cute mug. The coffee was DELICIOUS.

I ended up with 3 cups of coffee as well including a cup to go. Turns out their organic coffee is local too!

After looking through the menu several times, my husband and I both decided to get one of their famous burgers. He got the Brick City Burger, a burger topped with Taylor Ham, Yellow American, Fried Egg. (Tops Diner also has their own plates).

I on the other hand decided to get the Turkey Smash Burger, an organic turkey burger topped with fresh guacamole, Swiss cheese, and LTO on an awesome bun.

tops diner

Both were great choices! Plus their fries are hand cut…not frozen! A big bonus!

Although this was the most expensive meal I’ve ever had at a diner, it was also one of the best! Maybe next time I’ll go in the middle of the week so I don’t have to wait as long…

Additional Information on Tops Diner:

Address: 500 Passaic Ave, Harrison, NJ
Phone: (973) 481-0490

More on their Website

Diner Facts:
24 Hours – No
Parking Lot – Yes
Liquor License – Yes
Salad Bar – No
Homemade Desserts – Yes

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