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Flemington Punk Rock Flea Market Returns next Weekend!

The Flemington Punk Rock Flea Market returns for two days, on Saturday, November 18th and Sunday, November 19th! Not only will this awesome event be returning, but I will be there as a vendor (on Sunday)! Hooray!  The show runs from 10am-5pm each day. This year’s “Punk Gives  Thanks” will be held at the air…


Review of Skunktown Distillery in Flemington, the First Distillery in Hunterdon County

Have you ever sat around a camp fire with a buddy and dreamed of starting your own business? That’s what happened when two friends, Caine Fowler and Paul Hyatt, started Skunktown Distillery which became the first distillery in Hunterdon County since prohibition. Both from Sergeantville, Fowler and Hyatt named their distillery “Skunktown” based on the…


A Nutcracker, a Discount Code, & Some Sugar Plum Fairies

It’s that time of year again. Lights are up, Shopping centers are bustling; The scent of evergreens are in the air, and the temperature has taken a turn to the lower digits. But in the dance world it’s the time of year where point shoes are thrown on and magic starts to happen. An in…


The Roxey Ballet Company Presents: Frankenstein (Plus Special Offer!)

Frankenstein and ballet are two words we don’t often put together. But that’s exactly what ‘The Roxey Ballet Company’ has done. They have combined the literary works of Mary Shelley and combined it with the art of ballet. The combination is nothing short of magical or in this case electric. We had the opportunity to…

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