The Northfield Diner: Review

The Northfield Diner, located in Northfield, is a small, average diner in Atlantic County. My husband and I stopped by there on our way to Cape May.

Because they are close to the ocean they have a lot of seafood specials, which is how I ended up getting the crab cake sandwich (which was very, very good).

Their prices are low, which is a good thing, and they feature all your favorite diner classics.

Unique items to the menu include pork belly sandwiches, and gourmet burgers including the “Asian Burger” that comes with spicy mayo and Asian slaw.

Bonus? Their big cookies are only a $1…and there’s not too much you can get for a dollar anymore.

I’m sorry for the quick review, but there really isn’t too much to say about this diner. It’s clean, it’s affordable…it’s a diner! A good diner, but nothing to extraordinary to mention.

Additional Information on the Northfield Diner:

Address: 1515 New Rd, Northfield, NJ
Phone:  (609) 641-5725

Diner Facts:
24 Hours – No
Parking Lot – Yes
Liquor License – No
Salad Bar – No
Homemade Desserts – Yes

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