NJIB’s New Jersey Ice Cream Quest: Part 5

Just because it’s Fall doesn’t mean I’m going to slow down my ice cream quest! Here are 9 more ice cream places in New Jersey I checked out somewhat recently. You also check out my ongoing list of Ice Cream places in New Jersey HERE, as well as:
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Cliff’s Homemade Ice Cream (Morris County)

cliff's homemade ice cream (2)
Cliff’s Homemade has been making award winning homemade ice cream since 1975. It was almost impossible to choose one flavor since they make a ridiculous amount of creative flavors. Don’t ask me how many samples I tried!
Address: 1475 Route 46 Ledgewood, NJ; 973-584-9721 or 973-584-1665
Ice Cream Choice: Kracked Korn

Denville Dairy (Morris County)

Denville Dairy is a premium ice cream store located in Denville, New Jersey. They are a family run establishment in business for over fifty years who pride themselves in making the best possible homemade premium hard ice cream, sherbet and Italian ices.
Address: 34 Broadway # A, Denville, NJ; (973) 627-4214
Ice Cream Choice: Party Cake

Bent Spoon (Mercer County)

The Bent Spoon makes inventive ice cream made from organic ingredients. I loved their ice cream so much that I’ve already made plans to go back! Located next to small park, I highly recommend getting your ice cream to go and enjoying your surroundings. You should go often since they are always rotating out flavors!
Address: 35 Palmer Square W, Princeton, NJ; (609) 924-2368
Ice Cream Choice: Ricotta Pistachio and Blue Peach Shiso

Four Boys Ice Cream


Located in my original hometown, this homemade ice cream place has 2 locations, 1 in the works, and an ice cream food truck. Their ice cream is homemade and is very delicious!

Addresses: 3 Tennent Avenue, Englishtown, NJ; (732)446-3452 (Monmouth County) (original)
215 Forsgate Drive, Jamesburg, NJ (Middlesex County)
Ice Cream Choice: Red Velvet and Cannoli

McCool’s Ice Cream Parlor

With more than 50 flavors of ice cream and award-winning milkshakes, you are sure to be satisfied. Although they don’t make their own ice cream, they have inventive shakes and sundaes.
Addresses: 26 Main St, Madison, NJ; (973) 301-0303 (Morris County)
14 Beechwood Rd, Summit, NJ; (908) 522-9731 (Union County)
Ice Cream Choice: Vanilla with Rainbow Sprinkles

Coney Waffle (Ocean County)


Yes, they make those crazy shakes! This is a great ice cream established located across from the beach in Belmar. In addition to shakes, you can get regular ice cream, sundaes, and their famous waffles.
Address: 803 Ocean Ave, Belmar, NJ; (732) 556-6951
Ice Cream Choice: The NJ Isn’t Boring Shake (duh!)

TK’s Ice Cream (Monmouth County)

This family run, retro ice cream stand is fantastic and one of my favorite places I’ve visited so far. Their ice cream is AMAZING and I love the setting.
Address: 331 County Rd 539, Cream Ridge, NJ; (609) 758-3307
Ice Cream Choice: Pillsbury Cake and Maine Blueberry

Day’s Ice Cream (Monmouth County)


Although they don’t make their own ice cream, both locations of Day’s Ice Cream have great ice cream and sundae options and are both located near the beach!
Address: 48 Pitman Ave, Ocean Grove, NJ; (732) 614-6245
& Just Another Day’s
Address: 800 Ocean Avenue, Asbury Park, NJ; (732)455-3016
Ice Cream Choice: Black Raspberry Chip

Halo Farm (Mercer County)

They make ice cream from their own milk and cream. They believe it is better than any other super premium in the world, and at half the price. They offer more than 45 flavors of their all natural ice creams … no stabilizers, colors, artificial flavors, gums, preservatives! I went to Halo’s Pub in Hamilton and they had plenty of seating, an old school pub vibe, and lots of amazing flavors making it hard to make a decision.
Halo Pub– 9 Hulfish Street, Princeton, NJ; 609-921-1710
Halo Pub– 2250 Route 33, Hamilton Square, NJ; 609-586-1811
Halo Fete – 5 Hulfish Street, Princeton, NJ; 609-921-1710
Ice Cream Choice: Milk Chocolate Brandy Hazlenut and Praline Pecan

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