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Welcome to the New Jersey Isn’t Boring Craft Beer Corner, where the local craft beer scene in the best up-and-coming state to be drinking craft beer right now. It’s a great time to be a beer drinker, and New Jersey is a great place to be doing it. I recommend that you get out there and grab yourself a pour.

If you haven’t noticed, there are different existing or up-and-coming craft breweries and brewpubs over the Garden State.

This is all thanks to a NJ Bill to boost microbreweries that was signed into law and passed Sept 2012, which:
• Permitted brewpubs to produce 10,000 barrels a year;
• Allowed brewpubs to distribute their product to liquor stores and restaurants through the wholesale distribution system;
• Increased the current cap on the number of brewpubs a company may open in New Jersey to ten;
• Permitted brewpubs to offer samples of their product on site as well as off site;
• Permitted microbreweries to sell brewed beer at its location for consumption on premises as part of a brewery tour and sell a limited amount for off-site consumption; and
• Allowed microbreweries to offer samples of their product both on and off the premises.

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Be sure to check out my friends over at New Jersey Craft Beer for breaking news on new breweries, events etc.

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