NJ Wine, Craft Beer & Other Booze

If you like to end your day with a nice glass of wine, a beer or cocktail might I suggest drinking local? There are lots of vineyards serving up NJ Wine, breweries serving up NJ Craft Beer, Distilleries serving local New Jersey vodka and rum, and other liquor including cider and mead. You can visit most of these places too! NJ Wine, Craft Beer and other NJ Booze definitely isn’t boring!

Fact: You are never further than 45 minutes from the nearest NJ vineyard! Plus, there are lots to choose from! There are also plenty of EVENTS to be sure to view my list.

New Jersey

The number of New Jersey breweries grows all the time thanks to new NJ state laws.  Visit my friends at NewJerseyCraftBeer.Com for a membership that gives you discounts at various breweries & brewpubs all around New Jersey. You can also visit my list of craft beer EVENTS.

New Jersey Breweries

Thanks to new laws, there are distilleries popping up in New Jersey including rum, vodka, cider, mead, and even moonshine!

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