It’s National Pizza Month! Find the Best Pizza in Your Town!

Happy National Pizza Month! Because New Pizza is very important, I think you should make it a personal mission to find your favorite pizza place in your hometown…like me!

To Recap:

When I moved into my house, it was very important to me that we have a local pizza place that we could order from. New Jersey Pizza is very important to me, it’s my favorite food that I eat it hot or cold. The only problem, and it’s a good problem to have, is that there are too many pizza places in my town!

pizza challenge

I had attended an event in Westfield, NJ where 9 pizza places from the area contributed their pizza for voters to determine who had the best. My husband and I attended event, because again I love pizza, and surprisingly we voted on the same pizza for the #1 spot.

The idea is genius, because even though all the pizza was good…by eating them one after another it was easy to taste the difference therefore picking a favorite.

So that got my thinking…let’s have a party at our house and do the same thing! Problem is, not only is that expensive it turns out to be A LOT of pizza. Even more than I can consume in one night.

Then I came up with a better idea…what if you do only two pizza places at a time and determine the best by using a March Madness style bracket. Genius, I know.

You can download your own blank bracket HERE

pizza challenge 1

Our goal is to have two pizzas in competition per week, so we don’t overdo it. So far we’ve tried 6 places and the winners have been surprising! Our go to pizza place was knocked out in round 1!

pizza challenge 3

Overall we have SIXTEEN pizza places to try, and I’m looking forward to the final 2 where we’ll obviously have a party. Obviously.

pizza challenge 2

We started with 16 pizza places and now we’re narrowing it down to the final four! It’s been fun…and delicious!

So why am I telling you about this? Because if you love New Jersey pizza like I do, you’ll definitely want to try this yourself. Maybe you only have 4 pizza places in your town, maybe you have 20. Either way, don’t you want to find out who has your personal favorite?

PS. If you choose to do this, please let me know! I’d love to see your results.

PPS. Share this with someone who you know would want to do this!

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