The Meadowlands Diner in Carlstadt, NJ: Review

Since Bergen County has the most amount of New Jersey diners, and I knew I had to make a trip to a Bergen County ASAP to make another diner trip before 2017 was finished. So I stopped by the Meadowlands Diner, located on Route 17 in Carlstadt, NJ.

meadowlands diner

The Meadowlands Diner is a 24 hour diner featuring a full bar that’s located conveniently near…the Meadowlands!

meadowlands diner int

As far as their menu is concerned, they have your typical classic Greek diner menu plus reasonably priced cocktails. Overall their menu is pretty average to any other diner, but it should be noted that they have lots of Greek specialties, plus homemade soups and chili. And they have a lot of steak and seafood…and veal. Maybe their menu isn’t as average as usual diners, but during my visit I wasn’t hungry, so I was looking for the smallest, cheapest thing I could find.

I decided to get something I’ve never seen on a menu before…chicken nuggets! I’ve seen plenty of chicken fingers, but nuggets were new for me. So I decided to get the platter (which came with fries), but the waitress misunderstood me, so I got the chicken nugget appetizer…which turned out to be way more than enough food for me. I apologize for the lackluster photo.

meadowlands diner nuggets

My husband was equally not hungry so he got a grilled cheese! You can’t go wrong with a grilled cheese!

meadowlands grilled cheese

Although my visit to the Meadowlands Diner isn’t the most exciting review I’ve done, I did enjoy the diner’s atmosphere and dining options!

Additional Information on the Meadowlands Diner:

Address: 320 NJ-17, Carlstadt, NJ
Phone:  (201) 935-5444

For more info, visit their Facebook Page

Diner Facts:
24 Hours – Yes
Parking Lot – Yes
Liquor License – Yes
Salad Bar – No
Homemade Desserts – Yes

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