J&G South Bound Brook Diner: Review

On a Monday afternoon, I traveled to the J&G South Bound Brook Diner in South Bound Brook for lunch with my friend Hollie (FueledbyLOLZ) not knowing what to except.

For starters, when you walk into the diner the first thing you’ll notice is that it has very interesting murals. I can’t say I’ve seen a cheetah on too many walls of any restaurant, let alone a New Jersey Diner. Overall the diner embraced a very Mayan/Mexican theme to the artwork. Very colorful!

In terms of their menu, the J&G South Bound Brook Diner has a lot of different things to offer…and their prices are SUPER affordable. They have lots of breakfast items (served all day), salads, sandwiches, burgers, etc. They basically have your standard diner food, for the most part.

Items that stood out to me on their menu included their house chicken wings, steak options, and the fact that they claim to have the best fries in town. Unfortunately I did not find out for myself on this visit. They also have “Pasta Tuesdays”, something else I did not get to experience on a Monday.

Another item that stood out…their burritos! I can say for a fact I’ve never had a burrito in a diner before, so I knew that was something I had to experience.

Because I’ve been embracing a “Meatless Monday” diet, I knew that I would have to get a vegetarian burrito. To upgrade the burrito (which was just rice, beans, and cheese), I added peppers and onions and avocado to the mix.

With a side of homemade tortilla chips, I was very fulfilled with my meal. It was delicious!

Although the J&G South Bound Brook Diner doesn’t have your typical diner cakes, they do offer a few of their own specialties including bread pudding and flan. Since you don’t see flan at too many diners, I decided to get that as well (even though I was full).

Another delicious meal!

Although the diner is on the smaller side and tucked away on the corner of Main and Cherry St in downtown South Bound Brook, I think it it definitely a place to visit. You at least need to see the cheetah in person…

Additional Information on the J&G South Bound Brook Diner:

Address: 10 Cherry St, South Bound Brook, NJ
Phone:  (732) 667-5890

More on their Website

Diner Facts:
24 Hours – No
Parking Lot – Yes
Liquor License – No
Salad Bar – No
Homemade Desserts – Yes

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