NJISNTBORING Ice Cream Quest Spotlight: Luigi’s in Red Bank

They say if you want something done right, you need to do it yourself. This is how the story of Luigi’s Ice Cream was started.

Luigi Beltran’s story of how he got into the ice cream business is different than others I’ve heard. For him it all started with pistachio ice cream.

When his favorite ice cream place consistently did not have his favorite flavor in stock, he decided the most logical thing was to make his own. He received an ice cream maker attachment for his Kitchen Aid and learned how to make ice cream by watching YouTube videos!

Pistachio ice cream was only the beginning.  By making his own ice cream with natural flavors and ingredients, he realized how the green dyed pistachio he had in the past didn’t measure up to his own.  After creating more and more flavors with his new found skills, it was only a matter of time before his hobby became a business.

He started with a food truck which he opened in 2015 (I named them my “Favorite Food Trucks in New Jersey” for 2017).

Having the truck allowed him to get the word out on his homemade ice cream and creations at different festivals in New Jersey. Thanks to his pastry chef Amanda Benczkowski, not only was their ice cream getting attention but so was their ice cream donuts and sandwiches.

Pictured above is a creamy bun. You are given gloves to eat it with!

Due to the success of the food truck, Beltran decided to open his first physical location.

Red Bank is one of my favorite downtowns in New Jersey, so I’m happy that Luigi’s Homemade Ice Cream has moved in! Located on Broad St, this new addition has put cool in a “cool little town“. Since they opened in May 2017 they have been getting lots of support from the local community.

Luigi’s has 16 flavors out at one time, which all rotate with the exception of vanilla and chocolate. The ice cream is made in house, and nothing is kept in storage to insure the ice cream he serves is fresh. Luigi’s uses all natural ingredients and lets his flavors marinate.

I tried their pistachio (of course), blue velvet, and thai iced tea ice cream. I had never seen the last two before so I was very curious. Everything I ate at Luigi’s was incredible, and worth all the calories.  (Yes, I ate all 3 of these ice creams in their entirety)

Other unique flavors at you’ll find at Luigi’s are nutella, strawberry mojito, mango pineapple mimosa, smores, lemon cake, salted caramel, and cereal milk which is made with 3 different cereals (all top secret).

Trust me when I say you’ll be making more than one trip to Luigi’s in the future.

For additional information on Luigi’s visit their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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