Ice Cream Quest Spotlight: Nasto’s in Newark

If you follow me on Instagram or through my blog posts, you know that I’ve been on a quest to find amazing ice cream places in New Jersey. Nasto’s in Newark was a frequent suggestion so I decided to reach out to them to get the “inside scoop”.


Nasto’s is located in the historic Ironbound district of Newark. Nasto’s was founded in 1939 as a neighborhood mom and pop ice cream shop by the late Frank Sr. and Angelina Nasto. The business is currently in the hands of Frank Nasto, who is the third generation in his family to make ice cream. Nasto’s is a family run business, which is something that I loved. Everyone I spoke to was related!


When I arrived I was floored by how many ice cream flavors they offer. Not only is their ice cream homemade, but they also make their own Italian Ices. I got to try their lemon Italian ices, which has actual lemon peel in them. Delicious! At Nasto’s you can trust that they always use the highest quality ingredients to produce the finest product possible. In addition to the ice cream they had that day, they offer season flavors (they are open year round) and are always looking for new flavors to create.

Their unique flavors range from cantelope, to dulce de leche, to banana cream pie and even AVOCADO! I personally loved the Cappuccino, Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel, and their classic Vanilla. There was so much to try, I will definitely have to come back.


I was very lucky to have a chance to tour the facility, and go into the back where the ice cream is made! It was such a cool experience (pun intended) to see ice cream being created. When I was there there they were making sweet corn ice cream, which I ended up taking home. Unique and delicious!

We also got to walk inside their giant freezer to see ice cream that was being stored. In addition to their landmark location, Nasto’s serves the finest restaurants, hotels, and caterers in the tri-state area.


Nasto’s also specializes in world class desserts. Their dessert selection is incredible! It ranges from ice cream cake to Italian specialty desserts like Tartufo, Spumoni, Gourmet cakes, Reginetta, Sorbets,Tiramisu, Cannolis, and more.

nasto's - two shot of cakes

The cannolis they make are actually crushed into their “Holy Cannoli” ice cream, and so I had to take that home too…


I can’t thank the Nasto family enough for this inside look at their location and for letting me try famous ice cream. If you’re looking for amazing ice cream in New Jersey for your own personal ice cream quest…be sure to make a stop at Nasto’s in Newark. If there are too many flavors you want to try, you can always take some home (like I did).


Additional Info on Nasto’s

Address: 236 Jefferson St, Newark, NJ
Phone #: (973) 589-3333

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