Ice Cream Quest Spotlight: Das’ Creamery in Mount Olive

My Ice Cream Quest across New Jersey continues! While traveling in Morris County, I stopped by Das’ Creamery in Mount Olive/Budd Lake and had the opportunity to speak to the owners about what makes their ice cream shop unique.

Pankaj and Komal Das are a brother and sister team who opened Das’ Creamery in June 2014. They both trained in the art and science of ice cream technology at different universities (Penn State and University of Guelph in Canada).

Das' Creamery

Pankaj says, “As a family, we have always appreciated well crafted foods and drink. When the opportunity arose for me to retire from the psychiatric hospital, it seemed natural that the next chapter would include Komal’s culinary background. She studied at The French Culinary Institute in New York where she studied classic French technique. Her exposure to different food pairings and cooking methods has greatly influenced our ice creams. Opening our own shop is the best way to showcase our one of a kind ice cream creations. We have total control over recipes, ingredient quality, and, best of all, flavor combinations!”

das' creamery

Their flavors are unique because of the amount of detail that goes into each recipe. In the summer they make ice creams using fresh produce from the area (keep an eye out for sweet corn, basil, peach, blueberry, mango, and cantaloupe ice creams!) They believe in rotating their flavors to keep things exciting. Some of our most unique flavors include Basil Jr. Mint (basil ice cream with chunks of Jr Mint candies), Ghost Chocolate (chocolate ice cream infused with smoked chilis), Dark Knight Rises (a black ice cream flavored with anise), Village Fig (vanilla ice cream caramel, and figs),Kulfi (Indian Style Ice Cream) and Lavender.

Their most popular flavors? They said Colombian Cookies n Cream, Mint Chip, Black Raspberry, Ghost Chocolate, Banana Oreo, and Downton Abbey(chocolate with caramel swirl and toffee).

Do you think I tried enough samples?

I was lucky enough to try almost all of their unique flavors at Das’ Creamery, including the Lemon Cookie Drop and Key Lime which I ended up getting.


Das’ Creamery is unique in many ways. Komal says, “We aim to provide a clean, friendly atmosphere where families can enjoy their ice creams while simultaneously exploring and challenging their expectations of what ice cream can be. If the timing is right, customers can see the ice cream and cakes being made right here. They can see what handmade really means. We use local, seasonal produce when available, whole spices which are ground as needed, and many inclusions in the ice creams are prepared here as well. We roast whole nuts before using a mortar and pestle to crush them to maintain the integrity of the ingredient. We prefer this method because it allows us to honor each flavor and ingredient without compromising taste, texture, and color. Each ice cream cake is beautifully and individually decorated so that we do not fall into a rut of producing generic looking cakes. We believe every occasion is as unique as the person being celebrated, and the cake should reflect that. Overall, we believe the passion we have and our attention to detail set us apart.”

das' creamery - cakes

You should visit Das’ Creamery to experience fresh ice cream made with uncommon ingredients. They take pride in what they do, and it shows through their ice cream. Definitely an ice cream place that should be on your quest!

Additional Info on Das’ Creamery

Address: 100 US-46, Mt Olive Township, NJ
Phone #: (862) 258-3593

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