A Visit to the Hugs for Brady Holiday Light Show

A light show with a cause and a school lending a hand. That’s exactly what Hugs For Brady Holiday Light Show is. This light show is one of the newer light shows in New Jersey. But it’s youth doesn’t make it any less magical. In fact it has done just the opposite.

Hugs For Brady is a New Jersey based organization started by the Wells family when their 13 month old son, Brady, was diagnosed with Non-Differentiated Acute Leukemia. This is a rare form of Leukemia. Sadly to say Brady passed away at 23 months after bravely battling the disease. The idea of the organization is to raise money and to help ease the pain of children and their families who are battling pediatric cancer. Hugs for Brady pledges that every dollar donated will be spent in the pursuit to help find a cure for pediatrics cancer. Something we can all get behind.  Which is exactly what DeVry and many other sponsors are doing.

DeVry has chosen to lend their campus to host this light show. It’s truly a spectacular event. The grand light show takes place every hour on the hour. The feature is entirely constructed of pixel lights. Now because of this every single light bulb can individually change color and intensity. Which in laymen’s terms means magic will surely happen at every turn, every hour on the hour and those moments in between. With the combination of old and new holiday music, along with snow, and a three story high stage covered in the pixels, it’s sure to be a show like no other.

Now on top of this when you first enter you will walk through a three story high, giant ornament.

And if that wasn’t enough once exiting this beautiful display you won’t have time to collect your wonderment because you will then enter a 30 foot animated frosted light tunnel. It’s hard to turn a corner here without being exposed to magic and holiday fun. From fully decorated trees, to snowmen, to an artificial horse drawn carriage there’s something for everyone. Plus there is a food court and plenty of vendors on hand to even enhance the experience more. On top of that there are loads of things for kids to partake in as well. From glow in the dark face paint to a snow zone. The whole family is bound to have a great time.

With all the many photo opportunities and holiday excitement it’s hard to not feel uplifted and full of cheer when leaving this event. It’s an event where the attendees and the host both give something. From your donations to the Hugs for Brady cause to your astonishment from the holiday lights. This is a once in a holiday season experience and definitely worth the venture out.

Running dates and times:
now – December 30th, 2016
Monday-Thursday 5-9pm
Friday-Saturday 4-10pm
Sunday 4-8:20pm
With a light show every hour on the hour

Location: On DeVry’s Campus – 630 Route 1, North Brunswick, NJ 08902

Tickets: Range from $1-$15 depending on which type of ticket is purchased. Purchase tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/hugs-for-brady-foundation-10896409655

Website: http://hugsforbrady.org/events/hugs-for-brady-holiday-light-show/
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/HugsForBradyHolidayLightShow/

Author: Samantha Gallo

Samantha is a Brooklyn made and Jersey raised traveler; who is a combination of cotton candy, pixie dust, and coffee. She knows the fairy tale life exists and is seeking it out in New Jersey. Because the little things in life are what makes it great, and what better place than one of our smaller states to collect these moments.

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