My Friday the 13th in Blairstown

Last Friday I did something I’ve always wanted to do…go to Blairstown, New Jersey on Friday the 13th! If you are unaware, this small town in Warren County is the filming location of the original 1980 Friday the 13th movie.

When we arrived in Blairstown and our first stop was at the Blairstown Diner, which was a filming location for the movie.

We were expecting the diner to be packed, but luckily we got there at an off time (3pm) and had no issues getting seating. We heard rumblings that they were staying open late for the anticipation of being busy.  I was surprised the diner did not try to capitalize on their movie fame. There is no mention anywhere of the movie being filmed there, no photos, no “Jason’s hamburger”…nada.

While we were there my husband was interviewed by Channel 69 about Friday the 13th and why we decided to visit.

His interview did not make it to air, but we were in a shot! So that’s something…

Afterwards we went walking around town including stopping in a bar to kill time, and it seemed like a lot of the patrons were people waiting to see the movie. Turns out we were not the only ones who drove into town to see it!

Part of our trip walking around was stopping by the Blairstown Museum where they embrace the movie.

They have everything from signed images, a signed monopoly movie a la the movie…

…books about making the movie, and even these awesome Jason Voorhees chocolate marshmallows! Of course I got one.

I also loved that the store was giving a 13% off discount in honor of the movie.

They were doing 3 screenings of Friday the 13th at Roy’s Hall (they shot a scene of the movie in front of there too), all of which that sold out.

We went to the first screening with a very enthusiastic crowd. They cheered and clapped every time a location of Blairstown was filmed. It was so much fun to see it with an audience that embraced the movie and it’s NJ roots.

When we got out of the movie…guess who was there to greet us!

My phone was dead so I asked my husband to take a photo of him. Jason’s “handler” asked if I wanted to take a photo with him and I declined. I admit I was a little scared to since he was in character. Oh yeah, and it was a FULL MOON. I’m not taking any chances.

Overall we had a really fun night and I definitely want to go back for another Friday the 13th (especially when it’s warmer). If you’re into New Jersey pop culture, you should definitely be doing this trip as well. The town of Blairstown will be happy to show you around!

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