About Frankie

Frankie is a dachshund (possible mix) who was adopted in December of 2013. Frankie was adopted from Animal Assistance in East Brunswick, a fantastic animal shelter in Middlesex County. He is a very loving dog, who is usually sitting on people so they can’t be productive. He is an adorable attention seeker, who loves to play even though he is terrible at fetch. Frankie suffers from anxiety, but he warms up quickly…especially if you give him a treat. My guess is he grew up around cats, because he has cat like tendencies. Frankie has many nick names courtesy of his mom, and he responds to all of them. He is my baby and my best friend who makes me laugh every day. My life has changed for the better because of my Frankie.


Pic Taken on Frankie’s Adoption Day!

Things Frankie Loves:
His parents, rubber ducks, running around, making his own obstacle courses, Doctor Who, marrow bones, tennis balls, nap time, bed time, lounging in the Sun, his blanket, hiding under blankets, making personal forts, pizza crust, pupcakes, and long walks.

Things Frankie Does Not Love:
Getting his nails cut, baths, being in the car, when his parents are working and not paying him enough attention, and cats.

For more pictures of Frankie be sure to follow his adventure on the NewJerseyIsntBoring Instagram.

Click here for an article about Frankie and Cory Booker.

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