This Food Truck is Bacon Me Crazy

Do you love Bacon? Okay, cool! I have the food truck for you!

I’ve known about the Bacon Me Crazy food truck for a while, but I finally got to try some of their delicious food. On this food truck they firmly believe the motto that “Everything is better with Bacon…”

Owner Kathleen Sullivan has been in the food industry when she was 18 years old. After working in corporate sales for most of her career, she was inspired to start her catering business in 2014. Within 3 months of being in business, she was hired to cater for the bands and production crew for two major music festivals (Mountain Jam & Taste Of County at Hunter Mountain, NY) and ended up making 14,000 meals over the two weeks. She, her husband Mike, and her team cooked for artists such as The Allman Brothers, Pretty Lights, Bob Weir & The Avett Brothers.It was during that experience thats he realized that she could combine her passion for food and music into a successful business.

Mike, Kathleen, and Kelan Serving Up Bacon Realness

So why a bacon food truck? After spending years cooking all kinds of foods, the adding of bacon always peaked people’s reactions. They knew that bacon made people happy, and that niche was something they could believe in. After participating in a Bacon Festival where they literally topped bacon on all their items, they knew that had something.  After that event,they decided to never look back and became “Bacon Me Crazy”.

Their food truck formula is simple; take your favorite beer drinking comfort food and incorporate bacon.

Here’s what I tried from the truck:

Bacon Mac and Cheese

Bacon Wrapped Sausage

and Bacon Cheddar Mashed Potatoes.

Want a combo of both? They also have on their menu a Bacon Wrapped Sausage topped with Bacon Mac & Cheese. The best of both worlds! I think it goes without saying that everything from their menu looks, smells, and tastes delicious. I guess everything is better with bacon…

Kathleen says that she thinks of her and her husband Mike as two fun loving knuckle heads that loved food and just went for it. She warns that the food industry is not for the weak, and with having a good truck  you have to ready for anything including forgetting utensils, equipment malfunction, or an honest oversite….and of course a food truck’s biggest friend/foe: Mother Nature. Her advice is be confident and keep going.

The biggest pay off when having a food truck? Kathleen says “It’s when someone comes up to your truck and says they heard about your ‘awesome’ food, or came a certain distance to try it. It’s the kind of compliment that you just can’t describe with out feeling extremely humble and grateful. It’s the little things like a child that can’t control his excitement for mac & cheese.. or the guy wearing the bacon shirt and bandana talking tons of pictures for his bacon blog. Those are the things that are just worth all the hours and advil that go into this crazy industry.”

The Bacon Me Crazy Food Truck will continue to create new items for their menu as time goes on. I hear that dessert may be apart of their future…

For more information on the Bacon Me Crazy Food Truck, visit their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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