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Dreyfuss Planetarium – Newark
The Alice and Leonard Dreyfuss Planetarium is a spectacular interactive theater for learning about astronomy, space and planetary science. Audiences can explore the constellations, travel through the Solar System, visit distant galaxies and soar to the edge of the Universe.
Address:  49 Washington St, Newark, NJ 07102
Phone: (973) 596-6529

Longo Planetarium – Randolph
Planetarium programs are presented to school groups during the week and to the public on select weekends.
Address: County College of Morris; 214 Center Grove Road, Randolph, NJ
Phone: 973-328-5755

New Jersey State Museum Planetarium – Trenton
Soar through the skies in the Museum’s spacious Planetarium, featuring precision projection of more than 6000 stars. The largest planetarium in New Jersey, it seats 150 visitors in specially-designed reclining seats that transport an audience to any astronomical destination. Featuring state-of-the-art Full Dome Video, visitors will feel the sensation of zooming through the Solar System and beyond. This cutting-edge digital technology immerses audiences within images covering the entire 360 degree inner dome. The Planetarium offers something for everyone; with both traditional sky and laser programs, it is the only planetarium of its kind in New Jersey. Made possible by the generous support of the Prudential Foundation.
Address: 205 W. State St. Trenton, NJ
Phone: 609-292-6464

Raritan Valley Community College Planetarium – Branchburg
Discover a world of wonder and excitement when you journey into The Planetarium at Raritan Valley Community College. Educational and entertaining planetarium shows will evoke a sense of adventure as you visit the last frontier from your comfortable armchair location.Travel through time and space… see the wonders of the universe from exploding stars to mysterious black holes. Explore the outer limits of the Milky Way and learn more about our Solar System from its beginning to the present day.
Address: 118 Lamington Road, Branchburg, NJ
Phone: 908-231-8805

Robert J. Novins Planetarium – Toms River
The Robert J. Novins Planetarium Sky Theater re-opened October 2010 with some of the latest projection technology to bring you the universe in innovative and exciting new ways. The planetarium dome is a virtual 3-D video space, no longer restricted to simply an earthbound view of the sky, we can now take you on a journey from the smallest size scales to the edge of the universe. When we do want to see the night sky as viewed from Earth, our new fiber-optic star projector will provide a beautiful, crisp view of the night sky.
Address: Ocean County College, 1 College Dr, Toms River, NJ
Phone: (732) 255-0343

John W. H. Simpson Observatory – Titusville
The John W. H. Simpson Observatory is operated by the Amateur Astronomer’s Association of Princeton and conducts free public starwatches. They house two telescopes, an antique 6.25 inch Hastings-Byrne refractor and a state of the art 14 inch Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain refractor. The observatory is open to the general public on the first and last Friday nights – March through October, and all Friday nights during the month of May and the month of October. Sessions run from twilight to 11:30 p.m., weather permitting.
Address: 355 Washington Crossing Pennington Rd, Titusville, NJ
Phone: 609-737-2575

Paul H. Robinson Observatory – High Bridge
The Paul H. Robinson Observatory is operated by the New Jersey Astronomical Association and houses numerous telescopes including a 26″ Reflector Telescope which is the largest telescope available to the public in the state. It’s base is a massive iron casting nearly 7 feet high weighing over 4 tons and the entire assembly is over 15 feet tall. The observatory is equipped for both photographic and visual observation. With the equipment, you are able to see stars, planets, galaxies, nubulae and other types of deep sky objects. Every 4th Saturday evening each month they host an expert who gives a presentation on some astronomical topic.
Address: Voorhees State Park, 251 County Road 513, High Bridge
Phone: 908-638-8500

Robert A. Schommer Observatory – Piscataway
Members of the Rutgers University community and the general public are invited to observe the skies through the 20-inch optical telescope of the Robert A. Schoomer Astronomical Observatory on the second and fourth Thursdays of every month, weather permitting. The observatory is open for two hours starting at 8pm (October through March) or starting about one hour after sunset (April through September, when it is not yet dark at 8pm). Observing will be canceled for that night if the skies are cloudy at the beginning of the observing session.
Address:136 Frelinghuysen Road, Piscataway, NJ
Phone: 848-445-8973

Sperry Observatory – Cranford
The Sperry Observatory was dedicated in 1967 and is home of the Amateur Astronomers, Inc located within Union County College. The Observatory houses two of the largest telescopes on the East Coast for amateur use. The 18 foot East Dome holds a 10″ f/15 refractor and the 20 foot West Dome holds a 24″ f/11 Cassegrain reflector. East Telescope rests on an 8 foot thick concrete pier atop piles driven 30 feet into the ground. Located in the observatory is a large classroom and a library of over 1200 books and periodicals available to the membership
Address: Union County College, 1033 Springfield Ave. Cranford, NJ
Phone: 908-276-STAR

William D. McDowell Observatory – Lyndhurst
Observe the night sky through the 20-inch telescope of the William D. McDowell Observatory each Monday and Wednesday evening during our FREE public viewing sessions.Each session focuses on two major celestial objects with the potential for additional viewing if observing conditions and crowd size allow.
Address: Two DeKorte Park Plaza, Lyndhurst, NJ
Phone: (201) 460-8300

Societies and Groups

Morris Museum Astronomical Society
North Jersey Astronomical Group

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