Common Sense Brewing: Serving Beer and History in Bordentown

Located in downtown Bordentown City, Common Sense Brewing is a great nano brewery that pays homage to their town’s history.

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Bordentown is a very historic site, with many buildings dating back to the beginning of America’s history. In fact while we were visiting, two customers looked like they appeared out of a time machine when they arrived is colonial uniforms! Their name of course comes from Common Sense, written by Thomas Paine, a pamphlet that spoke for the new America to openly ask for it’s independence from Great Britain. Paine once lived on Farnsworth Avenue!

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Common Sense Brewing opened Labor Day weekend in 2017. Their debut to the town was so popular that they actually sold out of beer on their opening day!

Common Sense Brewery is family owned and operated. Patriarch Marc Selover has been home brewing for many years, and does all the recipes for their beer. His wife, Robin, is the floor manager and co-event coordinator. His step-son, Eric Eaves, does the actual brewing for Common Sense Brewery, and his wife Gina is their social media manager and also handles events.

Being that the brewery is owned by a family, the brewery itself is very family friendly. It’s store front property on Farnsworth Ave generates a lot of people traffic, and families of all ages are welcome. In addition to their beer, they plan to start making birch beer in the near future for customer 21 and under to enjoy.

On to their beer…

Common Sense Brewery has eight taps with hopes to eventually expand. Their flagship beers include their Crosswicks IPA, an American IPA, their Porter, and their Hessianweizen, their German Wheat Beer.

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I also sampled their Smart Blonde, a blonde ale; their Hop Hose Amber ale, and their seasonal Pumpkin Pie ale.

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With a convenient and fun location, it’s only “common sense” that you visit this brewery among your NJ craft beer travels.


Additional Information on Common Sense Brewing:

Address: 102 Farnsworth Ave, Bordentown, NJ; (609) 526-8651
Check out more info on their Website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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