Morris County


Big Brew Beer Festival Returns to Morristown in March

The Big Brew Beer Festival is a perfect opportunity for beer aficionados to meet and hang out. With over 200 unique tastings it’s a great place to discover new beers and speak to brewery representatives. Use Code NEWJERSEYISNTBORING – $15 Off Date: Saturday, March 4th, 2017; 2 sessions Address: The Morristown Armory; 430 Western Ave,…


High Point Brewing Co/Ramstein Beer in Butler: Review

I’ve gotten to taste High Point Brewing Co/Ramstein Beer at various beer festivals and I’ve always loved everything I’ve tried, so my friends and I traveled to Butler to experience their brewery. Founded in 1996, High Point Brewing Company produces German-style Lagers and Wheat Beers in their brewhouse. Their founder, Greg Zaccardi, an award-winning brewer…

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