Bucket List Item Completed: Bookends in Ridgewood

Looking for a place to meet your favorite authors, celebrity authors, and even Grumpy Cat? Bookends, located in downtown Ridgewood, is the place to be! This independent bookstore has been open for over 30 years and it’s the place to get your books signed in New Jersey.

I’ve always wanted to go to Bookends, but it’s about an hour and thirty minutes from my home. When Bruce Campbell, quite possibly the only celebrity my husband cares about, was set to do a book signing there it was the perfect excuse to drive up there.

In order to attend Bookends for a signing, you must purchase the book in advance or at the store FROM Bookends (aka don’t buy it from another bookseller and bring it). Once the book is purchased and picked up the day of the event, there is no additional fee for signing.


NJIB’s Tips for Visiting Bookends:
1. Purchase your book in advance! Events do sell out!
2. Get there early! It doesn’t hurt to get there 2 hours early, especially if it’s a bigger celebrity.

3. Pick Up your book before getting on line. You will go straight into the autographing area once the event begins.
4. While waiting on line, bring a lawn chair! I did, and I read for an hour while waiting. It was great.
5. Call the store to find out any questions you may have beforehand. For example, we learned that for this particular signing we could bring an additional item to have signed.
6. They do not have their own parking lot, so be prepared to pay for parking. There are local lots.
7. Explore Ridgewood! It’s a super cute downtown area with lots of restaurants.
8. Once you get your book signed, be sure to explore the shop! They have lots of signed books ready for purchase.

If you follow a certain author or celebrity with a book coming out, be sure to check out Bookends website to see if they’ll make an appearance. They’re so popular that they’ve hosted over 1,000 authors in the past fifteen years.

Can’t make it to a signing? They have autographed books in stock and on their website, plus you can reserve your copy and get it signed as well. I have a few signed author books at home, and they’re truly special to me (plus they make great gifts).

Additional Information on Bookends Bookstore:
Address: 211 East Ridgewood Ave. Ridgewood, NJ
Phone: (201)445-0726

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